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R2 Updates

I’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting the updates to R2 on here for a while.

Well I got the foot drives done. They’re absolutely gorgeous.


Foot Drive


Foot Drive

I also got both legs completed, and got the shoulders attached. I then went on to glaze the seems. Still need to paint them.





I finished painting the skins and all the blue parts. Rob then came over and we attached them. At this point, it really started looking like R2 🙂

Center Foot Skirting

Center Foot Skirting

Then this past weekend, I started assembling the skirting for the center foot. I should be able to attach them to the foot this week and then finish off the outer feet.
Hopefully I won’t forget to post more as I go 🙂

Painting is underway

After getting home from a long day at work, I needed something to decompress. I continued work on R2.

After having sanded some of the parts I applied the first coat of primer.

Since these parts are 3d printed and you can see a lot of the lines from the extruder, I decided to use a filler primer.

After adding the first coat, you can already notice the lines disappearing. I’ll need to sand these down and add at least an other coat.

Primed Cylinder Holders

Primed Cylinder Holders


Primed Radar Eye

Primed Radar Eye

I’ve also started permanently assembling the battery boxes. I’ll add pics and more details on this later.

Eye can see clearly now!

Forgot to mention that I also started work on the painting. Ange was worried on the color, she’s so hard set on R2-D2 accuracy, so I started off with a test piece. I used an old damaged Radar Eye (that I might end up using on R4). The method I’m going to describe is what the club refers to as Krider Blue

This Radar Eye has been sanded and glazed and sanded in the past (you can see the pics of that in older posts)

So I primed it with a grey filler primer just to make sure there’s no more little imperfections. Once dry I used a Rostoleum Metallic Purple rattle can on it. This is a purple that the astromech club has been using but seems to be discontinued in the US. Well Home Depot here seems to still carry it.

Purple Base

Purple Base

This purple lays on the base we need and adds the sparkles and shine that we’re used to seeing on R2-D2.

Once this is dry (unfortunately I touched the upper right hand corner before it was dry, which caused a divet) I apply a coat of Duplicolor Iodized Blue. This blue is actually hard to hard to find here. The only place I’ve seen it is Part Source. I’ll have to snag more cans in case they actually sell out.

Blue Overcoat

Blue Overcoat

While the paint was still wet, I started worrying. This paint is supposed to be see through and I couldn’t see any of the sparkles anymore.

Dried Blue

Dried Blue

But as you can see once dry, the sparkle comes out. I submitted this piece to Ange for her approval and now I can start painting as needed. Think the Ankle Details and possibly the Large Data Port are next.


Such a nice day out today. While working on some yard work, I decided to prime the Radar Eye and the HoloProjectors.












Once the primer was on, gave it a coat of Silver paint. Not too bad. Eventually when an aluminum run of these parts are available again, I’m going to get them… but these are good temps 🙂

Found it!

Anodized Blue


As I expected, Parts Source on Merrivale and Clyde had the Dupli-color Anodized Blue! Now all I need is to find the Rustoleum Crystal Clear coat… That relieves some stress on that department… Now, if only my dome could arrive 🙁

No I’m not colour blind

Rust-oleum Metallic Purple


So, with more parts due to come, including parts that will require painting, I started looking for the colours I need in order to paint my little droid.

There’s actually a paint formula that Don Bies had shared with the club on R2’s actual colour. This has been name Hypothetical blue. I’d rather go with spray cans instead of mixing these colours and getting a spray gun or trying this with my airbrush… so there’s an other cheap and good approximation of Hypo Blue using readily available spray cans…

First, you prime the little guy. Once that’s done, You apply Rustoleum Deep Purple Metallic, which I found at Home Depot. Then, you apply Duplicolor Metalcast’s Anodized Blue and finally you coat him with Rustoleum Crystal Clear.

Like I said I managed to find the purple… but I don’t want a sexually frustrated droid (purple depicts sexual frustration in colour psychology) so I need to find the Anodized Blue. Canadian Tire, Wallmart, Home Depot were all bust… so I’ll continue searching