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Jawa in the hood

More Jawa updates.

I’ve added more foam to the jawa body to make him look less anorexic… but I think I may need a bit more.

I then got started on the hood. First of all this material is dirty… ick! I tried to make a fold and it turned dusty grey and kinda sticky… like an old foam mouse pad 😛 Anyway… for having never done any of this stuff before, I think I’m on the right track. I’ll need to get some metal wire of some sort to get the hood opening to stay open.


Then it’s on to the bandolier…


As for the eyes, I got a good idea, but need to find the parts.

Jawa in the hood

Gimme a hand

So I’ve made the hands and the good news is that they’re strong enough to hold an Ion gun or a droid caller… Bad news is I’ve been to several Dollar stores/Halloween shops/Toy stores in town and can’t find any flintlock looking toy guns 🙁

Back to the subject at hand (sorry I had to)
I bought some more 1/2” PVC fittings to make the hands… then cut some ugly old coat hangers to make the bones.

Hand Skeleton

I used some JB Weld putty to fill in the PVC fitting and stuck the metal wires in it. After about 5 minutes, they won’t budge.
I then added some foam and taped it to each finger and to the palm.

Hand Thickness

Then, all I had to do was fit the glove and attach it to the Jawa!

Gloved Hand


Sorry for the bad photo quality, I was using my iphone cause I was lazy and all the cameras I found had drained batteries.

And finally the hands attached to the body

Completed Hands

Eeiyay-a Saba!



The title of this entry is in Jawaese… it means I HATE Sewing Machines!

So I found a cheap sewing machine at Zellers… and by cheap I mean cost wise and quality wise… ARGH!

I finally finished sewing the robe part of the jawa’s clothing… only took like 4 hours. Granted, it’s probably due more to a) the REALLY thick material I picked and b) my not having sewn anything since 7th grade Home Ec class… It looks great though… it’s way too big for the jawa frame, but that’s intentional. I’ll trim it a bit, and add a bit more foam to his body… but all in all… pretty damn good.

Next step is the hood…
Weather it all…
Then to make the hands… I’ve gotten some old black gloves, just need to make a bone structure first in mesh.

Then, finally… the eyes… I have no ideas on how to effectively do them. A big part of me, wants to design some project boards and solder on some LEDs, and control it with an Arduino micro and maybe add an MP3 shield to it and have him randomly spew out some Jawa phrases… but that’s WAY more work than I want to do on him.


So while working on R2, I figured it would be cool to have some Jawas around… problem is… I’m too tall to be a Jawa. So, I started building some

I bought a 10’ long 1/2” section of PVC conduit tubing, a heck of a lot of PVC fittings and a styrofoam ball to start the skeleton of our first of two Jawas

Jawa Bits

I cut the conduit pipe as follows:

  • 2.5″    [hips] x2
  • 3″       [hindfoot] x2
  • 4″       [neck and forefoot]  x3
  • 5″       [shoulders] x2
  • 6″       [upper and lower arms] x4
  • 6.75″  [toe and heel] x2
  • 11″     [torso] x1
  • 5″       [legs] x2
When I went to start assembling it, I noticed that one of the 90 degree fittings was threaded and wouldn’t fit on the pipe. (Guess I got to go back out)
Once all assembled I cut off the front 1/4 of the sphere.

Jawa Skeleton

Now, next step, duct tape the sphere and add the black felt.

Then off to Fabricland to find material to make his cloak (we don’t want naked Jawas now do we?)