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Baby Steps

Didn’t get as much done this weekend as I would of liked. But had a great weekend none the less. Ended up doing more planning for our Disney Star Wars Cruise in January. Participated in a Golf tournament and just had fun.

Any ways. I did get a few more parts in. The springs needed for the foot drives as well as the delrin rod for the foot drives as well.

Delrin Rod and Springs

Delrin Rod and Springs

I was having a hard time finding these exact parts as most of the sites that carried them only shipped to the US. And the thought of driving across the border to pick up a 4$ order… meh.

Finally found them from a Canadian site. Well funny thing is, the next day, I got an other package from the same company. This one contained 5 laparoscopic surgery tools!


With the bit of time I had to work on R2, I glued on the panels on the skin that are never actually going to open.

Glued Panels

Glued Panels

I also decided to tape some of the doors there as well as placed the coin slots, just to see how it would look. I also fixed a bit of the alignment issue… think I might still have a bit to do on that.

I noticed, that the slots for the utility arms are off… that or my arms are off. I’ll definitely need to look into that as I do plan on powering them. If you take a close look at the charging bay, I also added the LEDs and the board to it. If you’re REALLY nice, you might get a video tonight with the blinky blinky lights.

Big R2 Weekend, big post

So I got alot of time this weekend to work on R2.

Started off by getting some new parts in and picking up some new parts.

Friday I got home to my shiny new Sabertooth speed controller for R2’s feet. I then went out and picked up some steal rods to build the shafts for the feet with, I also picked up more bits here and there.


Miscellaneous parts


More chain and the clasps to attach them

Cutting steal with a dremmel… not so great. So I had to go back out and bought some jig blades for cutting steal. Remember kids… don’t touch steal you’ve been cutting with your bare hands… it’s hot!


Steal Rods cut to size


I then continued work on the skins. I glued the inner and outer skins for the front together using e6000 and many clamps. Before gluing though, I sanded the inner skin and made sure no burrs were left.


Front skins glued together


While this set, I went back out to the garage and sanded the new radar eye. Once nice and smooth (well as smooth as you can get a 3D printed part), I applied a thin coat of glazing putty. The thing with glazing putty is that you don’t want to apply it too thick. So I’d put a thin coat, smooth it out, let it dry, then sand it, then rinse wash and repeat.


Glazed and confused


Eventually I got to this. You can still see some of the lines from the printing, but that’s why I got myself some filler primer. Once we’re at the painting stage, I’ll prime it and this special primer will fill in the rest of the gaps. Then I get to sand it some more and continue the fun.


Glazed and Sanded


Next up! More skins… Now one of the parts I’ve been dreading since I got the skins (probably why they’ve been laying around the living room for a few years now) is cutting the back skins to make an access hatch. Some builders access the inside of their astromechs by just removing the dome. Mine has too much stuff inside it, so I need a removable panel in the back to get in there. Unfortunately, the skins I have don’t have this hatch laser cut. Well not the inside skin at least. I removed the outside one, then attached the inside and outside skins together using tape. Now that everything was at the right places, I placed the outside hatch and placed tape to show where it lined up.


Lining up the hatch


Now carefully using my Dremmel and a metal cutting wheel, I started to cut… Now, safety first, I had a respirator, in order now to breath in any little bits of metal and safety goggles… yet some metal still ended up go under the goggles.
While working on this, my neighbour came by to see what I was working on. He knows I work on Star Wars costuming as he’s come by during my armor building parties. But a fully functional, life size R2? His mind was blown.


Cut Hatch


After several cutting wheels, I got the hatch out. Sanded it to remove the burrs and any sharp edges. Now I need to take all the panels out.


Assembling panels.


Now I started gluing the insides and outsides of the panels. More e6000 and more clamps. These will need to be glued onto the hatch as they won’t be opening up.


Completed hatch panel doors


Now the inside and outside parts of the hatch are being glued.


Gluing the hatch

At this point it was getting late on the last day of my r2 building long weekend. I decided to place the front skins on just to see how it fit. I haven’t attached them yet, as I need to make a trip to Ottawa Fastners to get some screws to attach the mounting blocks and some Set Screws to tap where I’ll need to drill.


Dry fit of the skins


Close up



It’s not a skirt, it’s a kilt!

I’m still fighting this nasty summer cold and barely have any energy. However, this afternoon I cut out the main pieces for R2’s skirt. 


dry fitting the ribs in the skirt

aligning the ribs with the bottom

aligning the ribs with the bottom

Once I did this though, I was done and ready for a nap :p 

I typically don’t get this knocked down by a cold but I swear this one could incapacitate a Rancor. 

Later this evening I was feeling a bit better and decided to glue the skirt. 

 Since clamps wouldn’t reach. I decided to use the good old heavy cookbooks to weigh everything down while it dried. 

Books weighing down the skirt

Books weighing down the skirt

Glued skirt

Glued skirt

Skirt  standing upright

Skirt standing upright

Like with the legs. I still have to attach the skins, outer ribbing and paint it. But it looks good so far. 

New parts on the way


So I bought a few more parts from a club member that 3d prints them.

The parts I got are:

Shoulder Hydraulics: These are rods that go in the shoulder’s horse shoe
Shoulder Buttons: Small buttons that also go into the shoulder’s horse shoe
Under Shoulder Details: An odd shaped piece that goes in the legs, bellow the shoulder
Ankle Cylinders: Cylinders that fit on each side of the ankles
Cylinder Holders: The holders to hold the cylinders
Ankle Wedges: Small wedges that go bellow the cylinders
Radar Eye: I wasn’t happy with my old one, so I got a new one

Now I’m only missing a few pieces… the horse shoes, side vents and pocket vents and both the octagon ports and power couplers. I also noticed I’m missing the kick panels but I can make those myself with some aluminum sheets.

We’re getting there!!!

Skin Update


And I have no time to admire them, thanks to the *$^#($ deck.

Anyway. I picked them up at the postoffice after work. They’re way lighter than I imagined. But SOOO nice.











I am worried about starting anything but the panels on them till I get the missing parts for it like the Ports, Power Couplers and various vents. I’ll probably order the resin versions for now.

Also, mental note (guess not so mental if I write it down). Go to Ottawa Fasteners and get the hinges needed for the panels.


This is what the skins look like when you get them… there’s 2 layers for the front and 2 for the back… all laser cut, so there’s quite a bit of JB Welding to do and adding servos and hinges for the doors.
(These are not MY skins, just an example)

But!!! Mine are ordered!!! Never thought the day would come. Mainly cause I was terrified of ordering. Basically how runs work usually is.
  • Guy makes part.
  • Guy makes sure part fits with club specs
  • Guy shows part to council
  • Council approves run
  • Guy posts run
  • Guy takes payments
  • Guy tells buyer part is shipped
  • Buyer gets part
 Well this guy started making the skins before the forums existed. So he only ran off the yahoo group. You’d blindly send him money and at SOME point, skins arrived on your doorstep. No communications at all.
Well someone found him and called him and found out that not only is he doing an other run, but he has 50 waiting for a good home. So I jumped in. No comm… but I’m hopeful they show up soon.

Styrene droid parts

Data Port

Yes, my droid is an aluminum build droid… there’s some parts that just aren’t available in aluminum/won’t show/cost too much for what they do. So I got some in styrene.

First up, the Data Port. This is inside one of the panels on the right side of R2 and will have all sorts of blinky lights





Charging Bay



Next up is what seems to be my latest obsession, the Charging Bay. So, if you recall, with my Com8b frame, I got an aluminum Charging Bay… it’s already mounted. Then later on, I noticed that one of the guys that tends to make mini runs of electronic components for R2 had the LEDs and an acrylic bezel… so I got that. Then when this A&A run started… I don’t know why… but I ordered an other charging bay. Am I going to build multiple R2s? No, don’t think so…Oh well… this one comes with a breadbox for a panel below… so I may use that.





Holo Projector Servo Mount

Finally, the Holo Projector Servo Mounts. First of all I only ordered one of these, cause I only really wan’t to move one. Now, what are these you ask? Well on R2’s dome, there’s three protrusions that move and light up. One on the front (that alot of people tend to think is his eye), one on his head and one on the back of the dome… it’s the projector with which he projects Leia’s message to Obi Wan.

Like I said… I only bought one of the Servo Mounting kits. (though it looks like I got more than one). These attach inside the dome, behind the holo projectors and then you attach 2 servos and can make the HP move and twitch. I only wanted one, (for now) since who is going to be staring at the top one or back one… you only really care about the front. I may order more in the future, but for now this is good enough for me.




It feels like Christmas!

Resin Parts

So the majority of my R2 is aluminum… but there are some parts that either don’t make sense to get in aluminum either cause they’ll be painted or the aluminum ones are just to expensive. Well I was in luck. A fellow forum member Steele makes resin parts at some points in the year. And as I looked the other day, he was having a run. So I ordered some parts. The Radar eye, the utility arms, the coin slots and coin vents. Well they arrived today… really nice parts.

There was also an other Canada Post packing slip… I’m guessing it’s either the slipring or the speed controller.








Radar Eye


As you can see the radar eye is really big.

Center Vents are in

So got home to more R2 parts. This time it’s the center vents. There will be lots of JB welding required for this, since each vent is separate. The real trick will be to figure out how to attach the whole thing to the frame… I might have to drill through them… but I can’t do that until I actually get the skins to make sure I place them in the right spot.

Vent Surrounds




Here’s a pic of a dry fit of the center vent surrounds in the frame…. looks nice and shiny!







Center Vents





And here are all the fiddly parts… like I said, this might be a nightmare.

Couldn’t wait anymore!

Alright… I might be patient… but enough is enough… I assembled the frame today.
How couldn’t I? It was just sitting there.

Yes… I’m actually reading the instructions… For the most part it was straight forward… found one thing that wasn’t documented as well as it should and the photo was reversed.










Everyone wants to play


It looked like so much fun, Ange wanted to take part.
She was a great help, and it was nice to see her genuinely excited about this. 🙂









Completed Frame


The completed Frame!