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Painting is underway

After getting home from a long day at work, I needed something to decompress. I continued work on R2.

After having sanded some of the parts I applied the first coat of primer.

Since these parts are 3d printed and you can see a lot of the lines from the extruder, I decided to use a filler primer.

After adding the first coat, you can already notice the lines disappearing. I’ll need to sand these down and add at least an other coat.

Primed Cylinder Holders

Primed Cylinder Holders


Primed Radar Eye

Primed Radar Eye

I’ve also started permanently assembling the battery boxes. I’ll add pics and more details on this later.

Big R2 Weekend, big post

So I got alot of time this weekend to work on R2.

Started off by getting some new parts in and picking up some new parts.

Friday I got home to my shiny new Sabertooth speed controller for R2’s feet. I then went out and picked up some steal rods to build the shafts for the feet with, I also picked up more bits here and there.


Miscellaneous parts


More chain and the clasps to attach them

Cutting steal with a dremmel… not so great. So I had to go back out and bought some jig blades for cutting steal. Remember kids… don’t touch steal you’ve been cutting with your bare hands… it’s hot!


Steal Rods cut to size


I then continued work on the skins. I glued the inner and outer skins for the front together using e6000 and many clamps. Before gluing though, I sanded the inner skin and made sure no burrs were left.


Front skins glued together


While this set, I went back out to the garage and sanded the new radar eye. Once nice and smooth (well as smooth as you can get a 3D printed part), I applied a thin coat of glazing putty. The thing with glazing putty is that you don’t want to apply it too thick. So I’d put a thin coat, smooth it out, let it dry, then sand it, then rinse wash and repeat.


Glazed and confused


Eventually I got to this. You can still see some of the lines from the printing, but that’s why I got myself some filler primer. Once we’re at the painting stage, I’ll prime it and this special primer will fill in the rest of the gaps. Then I get to sand it some more and continue the fun.


Glazed and Sanded


Next up! More skins… Now one of the parts I’ve been dreading since I got the skins (probably why they’ve been laying around the living room for a few years now) is cutting the back skins to make an access hatch. Some builders access the inside of their astromechs by just removing the dome. Mine has too much stuff inside it, so I need a removable panel in the back to get in there. Unfortunately, the skins I have don’t have this hatch laser cut. Well not the inside skin at least. I removed the outside one, then attached the inside and outside skins together using tape. Now that everything was at the right places, I placed the outside hatch and placed tape to show where it lined up.


Lining up the hatch


Now carefully using my Dremmel and a metal cutting wheel, I started to cut… Now, safety first, I had a respirator, in order now to breath in any little bits of metal and safety goggles… yet some metal still ended up go under the goggles.
While working on this, my neighbour came by to see what I was working on. He knows I work on Star Wars costuming as he’s come by during my armor building parties. But a fully functional, life size R2? His mind was blown.


Cut Hatch


After several cutting wheels, I got the hatch out. Sanded it to remove the burrs and any sharp edges. Now I need to take all the panels out.


Assembling panels.


Now I started gluing the insides and outsides of the panels. More e6000 and more clamps. These will need to be glued onto the hatch as they won’t be opening up.


Completed hatch panel doors


Now the inside and outside parts of the hatch are being glued.


Gluing the hatch

At this point it was getting late on the last day of my r2 building long weekend. I decided to place the front skins on just to see how it fit. I haven’t attached them yet, as I need to make a trip to Ottawa Fastners to get some screws to attach the mounting blocks and some Set Screws to tap where I’ll need to drill.


Dry fit of the skins


Close up



Leg greeblies

So those 3D parts I ordered, arrived today.   

They came out great and fast. Once I shake this damn summer cold, I can continue work on R2. I need to get a move on if I want to paint him before the weather changes. 


New parts on the way


So I bought a few more parts from a club member that 3d prints them.

The parts I got are:

Shoulder Hydraulics: These are rods that go in the shoulder’s horse shoe
Shoulder Buttons: Small buttons that also go into the shoulder’s horse shoe
Under Shoulder Details: An odd shaped piece that goes in the legs, bellow the shoulder
Ankle Cylinders: Cylinders that fit on each side of the ankles
Cylinder Holders: The holders to hold the cylinders
Ankle Wedges: Small wedges that go bellow the cylinders
Radar Eye: I wasn’t happy with my old one, so I got a new one

Now I’m only missing a few pieces… the horse shoes, side vents and pocket vents and both the octagon ports and power couplers. I also noticed I’m missing the kick panels but I can make those myself with some aluminum sheets.

We’re getting there!!!


Such a nice day out today. While working on some yard work, I decided to prime the Radar Eye and the HoloProjectors.












Once the primer was on, gave it a coat of Silver paint. Not too bad. Eventually when an aluminum run of these parts are available again, I’m going to get them… but these are good temps 🙂

Nice Maple Leaf

Here is the completed dome plate and a pic of it posted on my buddy David’s droid. Can’t wait for it to arrive…. Sooo sexy!




Dry Fitted Lights

My Head is Ringing

Well, I gotta say, I’ve gotten a lot of work done in the last few days.

First off. Mess up #1. I installed the inner plastic ring in the inner dome before being ready. So as posted earlier, I has frozen the ring to get it to fit, but I had also added tape to make it wider. Well… I now can’t remove it… well, not without using a runner mallet. So when I went to drill the holes for the angle ring, it proved to be harder than needed. I did get it on mostly straight.

Then mess up #2, I attached it to the lazy suzan. This doesn’t sound so bad, except the holes for the long machine screws were JUST the right size. If I tried to remove the dome and wasn’t perfectly straight… one screw would get stuck and that’s it, it bends and I’m stuck. Much blood spillage later, I got it off and widened the holes.

Mess up #3, with the dome attached, I put on the ring and outer dome… CRAP! There’s still WAY too much dome showing between the ring and angle ring. Aligne everything, draw a new line, remove everything, pull out the tin snips…

Ok… am I good? Well everything looks aligned. So I outline all (oh wait mess up #4) the panels I’m going to cut out… though I forgot one!

Nice, now I have all the lines. Time for the drill.



So I drilled hole as close to each other within the outline. Once they’re all drilled, I used some metal cutters to cut the tabs between them.






Big Hole


Now I can remove the piece and I have a very jagged hole.







I decided to grab a curved file and started to file the jagged edges. The noise this made was worse than nails on a chalkboard and the vibrations it caused was insane… Later on, I’ll need to finish smoothing it out. But since the file does too much too quickly, I’ll wrap some sandpaper around a wine bottle and use that.









Here’s a dry fit of the HP in that hole. As you can see, there’s still tons of sanding needed as it still doesn’t fit all the way through. Still…. it’s starting to look really cool.








After coming home from dinner, I decided to cut one last hole for the night. This time of of the front lights. So cool to actually see parts being installed.





Alright, all this dome work is cool, but what else is new? Well I soldered on all the wires on one side of the slip ring… this was time consuming, but doing the other side will be probably the most patience testing piece of working on R2. I have 24? small wires to solder in the right place, while the slipring is ON R2… the worst part is testing EACH wire with the multimeter for continuity. Kinda wish I had one that beeped 🙁

I also went to the Fastener store at Dave’s recommendation and got some screws, a tap and die set and some other fiddly bits I needed.

So what’s on the list for tomorrow? Hopefully a few more holes and pick up some of the paints maybe.

I can see you!

Look what arrived today!

HPsThese are the multipart resin Holoprojectors I got from Calvin and Hob… Brenda 🙂

It’s really nice that they’re multipart. This way, I don’t have do mask anything before painting them, and there’s the removable cap in the back so if I ever change the type of lighting for them, I can easily do it. Right now, it’s just an L.E.D. connected to a jumper cable, that in turn connects to they PSI boards. I will have to drill a small hole in the cap, to attach the gorgeous mounting servo system that should hopefully start shipping soon.

After this part having arrived, and the servo mounts already bought the ONLY things that attach to the dome in some way that I’m missing are, the cabochons, that go in these, the magic panel if I get to jump on that awesome run and the life scanner. (Yes Dave, and the dome plate). Other than that I now have EVERYTHING for the dome! Oh! I’m also missing a few sets of Blade Flybar Paddle Control Frame. Unfortunately, when I went to Great Hobbies on Saturday, they only had one set. These will be used for the hinges.


For those interested in what I’m doing for the hinges, here’s a list of parts:

  • BLH1624 – Flybar Paddle Control Frame Set B450
  • DUB137 – Dura Collars – 1/16″ (4)
  • BLH1637 – Ball Link Set (20) B450 B400
  • BLH1638 – Linkage Rod/Pushrod Set B450
  • Hitec HS-55 Servos
  • JAG Hinges

Once I start working on these I’ll post pics and instructions. In the mean time, enjoy this pic of a dry fitting of a Holoprojector in the dome!

HP in Dome

Firefighting… literally

Holy crap… R2 almost burnt the house down!

Well not quite… but he did catch fire.

I was testing the Padawan code to make the dome turn… when as I was reaching for the camera to shoot a vlog… *POOF* Flames our of the control wire.

























As you can see, the shielding completely melted… I hope Ange doesn’t find out… Not sure if she’d be more mad about the fire? The fire on her table cloth? or R2 burning… Oh well… guess I need thinker gauge cable.