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Painting is underway

After getting home from a long day at work, I needed something to decompress. I continued work on R2.

After having sanded some of the parts I applied the first coat of primer.

Since these parts are 3d printed and you can see a lot of the lines from the extruder, I decided to use a filler primer.

After adding the first coat, you can already notice the lines disappearing. I’ll need to sand these down and add at least an other coat.

Primed Cylinder Holders

Primed Cylinder Holders


Primed Radar Eye

Primed Radar Eye

I’ve also started permanently assembling the battery boxes. I’ll add pics and more details on this later.

Leg greeblies

So those 3D parts I ordered, arrived today.   

They came out great and fast. Once I shake this damn summer cold, I can continue work on R2. I need to get a move on if I want to paint him before the weather changes. 


New parts on the way


So I bought a few more parts from a club member that 3d prints them.

The parts I got are:

Shoulder Hydraulics: These are rods that go in the shoulder’s horse shoe
Shoulder Buttons: Small buttons that also go into the shoulder’s horse shoe
Under Shoulder Details: An odd shaped piece that goes in the legs, bellow the shoulder
Ankle Cylinders: Cylinders that fit on each side of the ankles
Cylinder Holders: The holders to hold the cylinders
Ankle Wedges: Small wedges that go bellow the cylinders
Radar Eye: I wasn’t happy with my old one, so I got a new one

Now I’m only missing a few pieces… the horse shoes, side vents and pocket vents and both the octagon ports and power couplers. I also noticed I’m missing the kick panels but I can make those myself with some aluminum sheets.

We’re getting there!!!

What sexy legs

The wife was planning on spending this past Saturday with her mom. So what a better chance to work on R2.

I brought all the CNC’d parts down the night before. The second she left, I turned the music up, grabbed my iPad with the assembly instructions and got to work.

Some of you might remember the flat packs I received a while back (See this post).

I carefully detached the parts for one of the legs.


Work set up

Once detached, I carefully removed any of the tabs left and sanded them down.

I then placed one of the sides of the leg down and dry fit all the ribs. Once I was happy with how they fit, I placed the other side of the leg on them to make sure everything aligned.


Ribs placed for dry fit


Other side added for dry fit

Now, everything fits… time to start gluing. I grabbed one of the tubes of Weld-On 16, it’s a gel solvent for acrylics. This stuff is interesting… first off, it free flows, so be careful. But if you do drop it on anything, it doesn’t seem to glue to anything. It simply dissolves this type of plastic. So if you get some anywhere else, you can just wipe it off. I placed a bead of it across every rib and placed them in their slots. I then put the top part of the leg back on and clamped it good. This made sure that they were on straight and wouldn’t tilt or warp.


Gluing the inner legs

After it was dry enough (only takes a few minutes for it to set, but 24 hours to fully cure). I removed the clamps and top plate. I then added a bead to the other side of the ribs and placed the top plate back on. And then more clamps.


Gluing the inner legs

Once the clamps were removed, I had a nice leg… unfortunately, there’s tons more work to do to it. If you look at the next two pictures, you’ll notice the slots… R2 didn’t have these slots in the movie… so neither can we.


Completed inner leg


Close up of completed inner leg

So we’re going to add some smoother plates on the inside and outside of the leg. Since this is such a big surface and we don’t want gaps or for it to slip or warp, we better make sure the surface is treated for it.


Getting rid of leg stubble

So I brought the leg outside and sanded the whole leg down. This gives enough texture to hold the leg skin on. Again, tons of clamps to hold these on


Gluing the outer shell

While the leg skins dry and set, I didn’t want to just stop. So I started work on the ankle. Again, I trimmed the parts down and dry fit them. I then glued them in place


Ankle ribs

I then glued on the bottom of the ankle in place and since I couldn’t clamp it, I ended up using painter’s tape


Taped up ankle

Once the ankle was dry, I brought it outside and sanded the ribs down in order for it to follow the angle of the curved parts for when I add the skin on it.

I then glued 2 of the square leg pieces that bulk up the ankle. Of course, this is where I ran into some confusion. Looking at the instructions, I couldn’t figure out how many layers are supposed to go together. This is mainly because the guy who made these parts has since changed the thickness of plastic he uses for these due to availability. But his instructions weren’t too clear about it. I’ve emailed him and got a response already, however I think I was too tired by the time I got them, since it still wasn’t too clear. I’m hoping that when I have time tonight after dinner that they make more sense to me.


Inner leg

Once all of this was done, I started the process again for the other leg…


Other inner leg

Once this is done, I need to finish the ankles and glue the side skins. Then I can move on to the next part.. probably the skirt.

New parts arrived and on their way


ISo with all the issues I’ve had getting some of the main components for R2 and well.. just wanting him up and running. I had ordered plastic parts.

They arrived in early November (as seen on my R2 facebook page)

Plastic and 3d printed parts

Plastic and 3d printed parts

This includes the following:

  • Legs
  • Skirt
  • Battery Boxes
  • Center Foot
  • Outer Feet
  • Foot Drives

I need to remove them from the sheets, and glue them with an Acrylic Solvent… this is going to be like assembling a giant 3d puzzle!

I’ve also been working on the MarcDuino boards and failing miserably… I can’t seem to reach the ATMega chip when trying to program it. After trying everything I could… I finally gave up and jumped on a run of the version 2 of these boards. They’re pre-soldered and will have room for future improvements. They also can have the Wifly and power boards clip right into them.

Next, I saw that there was some of the Magic Panels available, so I jumped on that.

I also got motors for the feet, chains, cogs, an amp for the sound and finally found the LEDs I’ve been missing for the Data Port.


Center Ankle

CenterAnkleThe center ankle arrived today!

During my lunch hour I decided to go make sure the deck guys were actually here and working and while dropping by, I had noticed that the ankle arrived.

Yup, that’s an ankle! It looks alot like the other side ankles… but centered.

I love JAG parts. The metal is textured so the primer will stay on it. The welding joints are nice, the different pieces of metal and grinded so that you can’t tell at all that they are separate.

The only thing is that the ankle doesn’t come with the hardware. I need to get some screws to attach it to the plate in the frame. I need a round spacer to fit in, where it attaches to the currently non-existant foot shell.



The actual list of hardware is as follows (so I don’t forget):

  • Quantity 2, Hex Socket Head Shoulder Screws, 1/4-20 Thread, 5/16″ diameter shoulder x 1/4″ long. McMaster Carr P/N 90298A574.
  • Quantity 2, Flat Washers, 5/8″ Outside Diamate, 11/32″ Inside Diameter, 3/32″ thick. McMaster Carr P/N 98370A015.
  • Quantity 1, Bronze Bushing, 3/4″ Outside Diameter, 1/2″ Inside Diameter, 1″ Long. McMaster Carr P/N 6391K225.
  • Quantity 1, Aluminum Round Spacer, Female Thread 1/4″-20, 1/2″ Outside Diameter, 1″ Long. Grainger P/N 5GHT5.


Look! Look!

Dave has FINALLY started work on the legs. So these are made from multiple layers of plywood to add strength and the center channel where the cables going from the foot drives to the body are hidden.




You can see in the pic, he’s laid down the shoulder shim, and ankle shims next to them… Looking good! Now I just need a center ankle and foot shells… and foot drives… and…

Shimmy shims

Nice surprise when I got home. The shoulder shims arrived. These go between the legs and the shoulder. Now once Dave finishes the legs these can go on



I had gotten these mainly because I’ve never seen a run of these, let alone in any other material. I’m planning on having wooden legs to start and resin shoulders. These should look nice in the middle.

Sexy ankles!

Look what arrived today!




That is all 🙂

New controls

Not many updates lately. Mostly due with being away on a Disney Cruise, a big move of offices at work and well the general lack of time to work on R2.

The dome is currently sitting on R2, with absolutely no work done on it. This is more due to the FREEZING weather out there. Once it’s warmer, I’ll set myself outside and get to work on it with Dave’s help.

I’ve also had quite the setback.

Those gorgeous lights that I’ve posted videos about, no longer work. I’m not sure if it’s something with the chips, or the arduino… or what. I’ll have to start troubleshooting this once I have some time.

Anyway, I’ve decided to go with a completely different direction for R2’s controls.

Danf had a post, where he wrote some Arduino sketches that use libraries for wireless PS 2 controllers and that can link two arduinos, so I can control almost everything off of an already really familiar remote. Best part?  I have most of it already. I still need to get a Sparkfun MP3 shield to add the found files and then most of the electronics are done.

Now if R2 could only get some legs 🙂 (oh and I REALLY need batteries now)

Also, I’ve ordered a few more parts.

Jerry Greene had a small run of aluminum beefy ankles. These come with the brackets and the shims 🙂 I had yet to see a run of ankles since I joined the club a year ago, so I jumped on them. Probably one of the most expensive parts I ordered not counting the dome.


But to go with these, I noticed a run that was still open for the ankle details. What I really liked about this run, was, that it was modular, so no need to mask some of it in order to paint it.

Ankle Details






Sooo I got these too. I know that could of waited, or I could of just bought resin ones. But it’s shiny and aluminum!

Now, I guess I’m going to go back to playing with the arduino code to see if I can make heads or tales from it