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R2 Updates

I’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting the updates to R2 on here for a while.

Well I got the foot drives done. They’re absolutely gorgeous.


Foot Drive


Foot Drive

I also got both legs completed, and got the shoulders attached. I then went on to glaze the seems. Still need to paint them.





I finished painting the skins and all the blue parts. Rob then came over and we attached them. At this point, it really started looking like R2 🙂

Center Foot Skirting

Center Foot Skirting

Then this past weekend, I started assembling the skirting for the center foot. I should be able to attach them to the foot this week and then finish off the outer feet.
Hopefully I won’t forget to post more as I go 🙂

Battery boxes… free of “charge”

After all the fun with the con, and mandos, who could stop there?

Get some work done on R2! Ange wanted to help with building R2 so we started work on the battery boxes.

Cutting the pieces

Cutting the pieces

She started cutting all the pieces out of the CNC’d sheets and trimming the tabs.

Dry fitting

Dry fitting

Then she dry fitted the pieces together.

Complete Dry Fit

Complete Dry Fit

And we ended up with this. Still alot of work to do.. sand the 3d printed parts, glaze them, sand them again. Then start gluing pieces together. But it’s looking great and Ange can proudly say she built them.

Once this was done, I assembled the ankle cylinders.



After the cylinders were glued, I started adding glazing putty to help with some of the bigger gaps.



Cylinders all glazed

Cylinders all glazed

Once I glazed it all and it was dry enough, I started sanding.


Sanded Cylinders

Sanded Cylinders

Now if the weather could just cooperate, I could start priming these pices.

Leg greeblies

So those 3D parts I ordered, arrived today.   

They came out great and fast. Once I shake this damn summer cold, I can continue work on R2. I need to get a move on if I want to paint him before the weather changes. 


New parts on the way


So I bought a few more parts from a club member that 3d prints them.

The parts I got are:

Shoulder Hydraulics: These are rods that go in the shoulder’s horse shoe
Shoulder Buttons: Small buttons that also go into the shoulder’s horse shoe
Under Shoulder Details: An odd shaped piece that goes in the legs, bellow the shoulder
Ankle Cylinders: Cylinders that fit on each side of the ankles
Cylinder Holders: The holders to hold the cylinders
Ankle Wedges: Small wedges that go bellow the cylinders
Radar Eye: I wasn’t happy with my old one, so I got a new one

Now I’m only missing a few pieces… the horse shoes, side vents and pocket vents and both the octagon ports and power couplers. I also noticed I’m missing the kick panels but I can make those myself with some aluminum sheets.

We’re getting there!!!

New parts arrived and on their way


ISo with all the issues I’ve had getting some of the main components for R2 and well.. just wanting him up and running. I had ordered plastic parts.

They arrived in early November (as seen on my R2 facebook page)

Plastic and 3d printed parts

Plastic and 3d printed parts

This includes the following:

  • Legs
  • Skirt
  • Battery Boxes
  • Center Foot
  • Outer Feet
  • Foot Drives

I need to remove them from the sheets, and glue them with an Acrylic Solvent… this is going to be like assembling a giant 3d puzzle!

I’ve also been working on the MarcDuino boards and failing miserably… I can’t seem to reach the ATMega chip when trying to program it. After trying everything I could… I finally gave up and jumped on a run of the version 2 of these boards. They’re pre-soldered and will have room for future improvements. They also can have the Wifly and power boards clip right into them.

Next, I saw that there was some of the Magic Panels available, so I jumped on that.

I also got motors for the feet, chains, cogs, an amp for the sound and finally found the LEDs I’ve been missing for the Data Port.


Center Ankle

CenterAnkleThe center ankle arrived today!

During my lunch hour I decided to go make sure the deck guys were actually here and working and while dropping by, I had noticed that the ankle arrived.

Yup, that’s an ankle! It looks alot like the other side ankles… but centered.

I love JAG parts. The metal is textured so the primer will stay on it. The welding joints are nice, the different pieces of metal and grinded so that you can’t tell at all that they are separate.

The only thing is that the ankle doesn’t come with the hardware. I need to get some screws to attach it to the plate in the frame. I need a round spacer to fit in, where it attaches to the currently non-existant foot shell.



The actual list of hardware is as follows (so I don’t forget):

  • Quantity 2, Hex Socket Head Shoulder Screws, 1/4-20 Thread, 5/16″ diameter shoulder x 1/4″ long. McMaster Carr P/N 90298A574.
  • Quantity 2, Flat Washers, 5/8″ Outside Diamate, 11/32″ Inside Diameter, 3/32″ thick. McMaster Carr P/N 98370A015.
  • Quantity 1, Bronze Bushing, 3/4″ Outside Diameter, 1/2″ Inside Diameter, 1″ Long. McMaster Carr P/N 6391K225.
  • Quantity 1, Aluminum Round Spacer, Female Thread 1/4″-20, 1/2″ Outside Diameter, 1″ Long. Grainger P/N 5GHT5.

Ankle Away!

Yay the center ankle was just shipped! Next on the list? Foot drives with motors! R2 will be moving around by the end of September!

And I think I found some… that are affordable.

These units are custom built using heavy 12g steel welded at 12 points.

They’re low profile so it won’t look like R2 is floating.
Nice thick rubber wheel.
Motor mounts are 12″L x 3″W x 4 1/4″H Weight 8Lbs each. And motors come with it!


The last set I was looking at, cost more, and I had to get everything from the wheels, chain to the motors separately.

And here’s what they look like.











Centre Ankle Paid for

R2’s center ankle is ordered and on it’s way! This was thanks to my mom… she kinda lit the fire under my ass about this, considering how infrequently runs for centre ankles occur.

So for those who remember my post about the regular ankles. This is what the centre ankle looks like. It’s pretty much like the others, but centred and there’s just one.



Now, the only big pieces that are left (that aren’t store bought) are the skirt and the foot drives… all the rest is either small detail work, or electronics. Pretty cool. Need to thank my mom for helping make sure I don’t miss this part run.

Center Ankle Please!

I don’t know how I missed it, but JAG had a run of Centre Ankles… Well he’s just said that he’ll do an other small run, if he can get 28 orders.

Well I put my name down.

More shiny surprises!

Talk about a month full of new toys, first the shims, now this.




These are ankle details. They fit on the front and backs of the ankles and the stubby part at the bottom is painted blue. I’m quite impresses with this run. Typically they were solid one piece parts. This new run are lighter, since they’re hollow. The bottom part, the one that I paint blue, is also removable to make the painting easier. No masking!




Here’s what they look like installed.DetailsInstalled