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Star Wars NHL Night

Once again the troops amassed at the Canadian Tire Center for a Star Wars themed game night.

As this was a Disney troop, it was only approved costumes. I wore my Crewman, Angie wore her Gunner.

We arrived and suited up for a long but fun troop. Unfortunately we had a few medical emergencies with some of our members.

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Chapters Troop

Saturday morning the troops got together and we had an event at the Kanata Chapters.

All in all a fun troop. I suited up as Chewie. And had to do it on my own as we didn’t have any handlers at first.


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How I Like To Spend My Saturday Evenings

Make A Wish Gala Wish Reveal

Make A Wish Gala Wish Reveal


Some people like to spend their Saturday evening watching a movie, or simply hanging out with friends. Others like to watch TV or go out for drinks.
I like all those things, however what I really love is how I got to spend this past Saturday night.

As part of the 501st/Rebel Legion/Mando Mercs/Astromech Builders I get to do some pretty cool things. I build costumes, props and droids that bring smiles to kids and grownups alike. But on occasion we get to do stuff that’s even more meaningful. We get to help Make A Wish grant wishes.

This past Saturday hit closer to home than usual. One of our handler’s son was getting his wish granted and Make A Wish contacted us to be there for the reveal at their annual Gala. Now, her son is a huge Chewbacca fan. Every event we do together, he freaks out over Chewie and is always wearing a chewie hoodie.

Make A Wish had asked us to keep this a surprise. So we made sure she didn’t know that we would be heading there.

We arrived and didn’t want to be seen, so we hid in a hallway. The coordinator arrived and escorted us to the changing room. Once suited up, we went back out, just outside of the hall and waited for our queue. People walking by would see the troopers and Vader and freak out, then they’d notice the 8′ tall wookiee and their jaws would drop.

Then the Star Wars theme started to play and we marched in. We had a Tie pilot and gunner, followed by two Jawas, then Vader with 2 troopers and lastly Chewie and Han. The look on our friend’s face was priceless.

We walked up to them and the MC got the crowd to yell out that the wish was being granted and that they’d be going on a Disney Star Wars themed cruise. You could feel the magic in the air.

Once we were done there, we walked out to the hallway and posed for pictures for over an hour. CTV News and the Italian News recorded us.

Such a great night. I love what we do.

Kessel Run 1 year anniversary

A year ago, we helped some friends out with the opening of their new gaming store named The Kessel Run. Today, we showed up for their 1 year anniversary as well as the opening of their new bar, The Cantina.




Quebec City Comic Con 2015

We did the trek up to Quebec City again this year.

Once there, we did the tourist thing for a bit. The next day, we helped our Forteresse Impériale friends with their booth.

Costume Panel

Costume Panel


QC Group Shot

QC Group Shot

My First FanExpo!

I know I know… but every year, we tend to go on vacation during that week… be it Vegas or the Mediterranean… we never seem to be around for it. Well Luc and I decided at the last minute to do a day trip.

We left my place at 5:30 in the morning. Reached Toronto by 9:30 or so. We did really good time, mainly because there was almost no traffic.

Met up with Roy to get our passes and walked to the change room. Loved that it was out of the way, and separate from the booth. Once we walked in, there was several droids charging. Jordan had a corner set up for applying his makeup.

After dropping off our stuff, we went to see the booth. It was beautiful. Split into 4 sections, all self sufficient. The first, was the info booth, set up like the surveillance room from Star Wars, with touch terminals that had info on the CRLs and stuff.

Next section, was the hall from the Tantive… BEAUTIFUL and so simply made.

Around the corner from there… Endor! Ken’s speederbike was set up for pay photo ops (this is where Luc and I had our shift)

Continue on and you’re in the throne room of the death star.

After saying hi to everyone, we walked around the con. I have to say… personally I was a bit underwhelmed. Everyone always talks up Fan Expo. But it was just more booths with more junk. Don’t get me wrong. Some booths, like the Lego booth, the WB, Microsoft, Sony, etc were awesome. But sooo many tables with crap I wouldn’t buy…

We then noticed the time and ran to the food court to get a bite before our shift. Once we ate, it was time to change… so we had to go back to the main building and change.

We made it just in time to our shift, but the section of the booth we were working was shutdown because Rick Mercer was there.

Once the shift was done, we got changed and headed to some of the bigger vendor booths. I got Watchdogs for 5$, a few of the new black series figures (Chewie and BB-8). We got our pic taken at the Disney Infinity booth and won T-shirts.

After a bit more shopping, we headed back to O-town. Left Toronto around 7 and made it home by 11:30.

Montreal Comic Con 2015

MCC Group Shot

MCC Group Shot

It’s that time of year again! Montreal Comic Con!!! We came down to Montreal to hang out with friends and partake in the festivities.
Luc brought Chewie, I brought my crewman. While wondering the con floor, we met these great people 🙂

CCG Represent!

CCG Represent!

Fun time leading the troopers in the parade!

TK Parade

TK Parade

Ottawa ComicCon 2015

An other Ottawa Comic Con has come and gone.
This year I made my Chewie costume for it and have to say it was the most fun I’ve ever had in any costume.

I stood in our photobooth, I wondered the con floor and met Peter Mayhew, the actor who played Chewbacca.
I also got the chance to attend the OCC Press Conference at City Hall.

It was a blast!

Free Comic Book Day – Kessel Run

My friends Jeff and Tyler had invited us to their shop Kessel Run in Orleans for Free Comic Book Day.
Of course I jumped at the opportunity to help these guys. So I suited up as a pilot and headed there in less than 12 parsecs 🙂

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

I dub this year Star Wars year.

We get a new animated series from Dave Filoni, named Rebels which is one of my favorite things on TV in a while.
We get a new movie.
Our garrison celebrates it’s 5th anniversary.
We get a Celebration in Anaheim.

And I actually got to go to said convention.

It was my first and I had heard marvelous things from everyone that had been in the past.

I got some exclusives, an autograph from Kenny Baker, the actor in R2D2, some new artwork. I got to meet tons of people and reunite with friends that I hadn’t seen in a while.
I met and spoke with Albin, the founder of the 501st.
Got some patch and coin trading in.

So here are a few pics from the trip.