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Star Wars Night at the Ottawa Senators

What an fun night.

We were invited to the Ottawa Senators game vs Florida for their Star Wars night.

The gang showed up and we trooped in the lobby, wandered outside before the game. During the first period, a few members were brought in to the game so that the camera could pan on it.

Mark, one of our Stormtroopers was also asked to put on a jersey for an official NHL photoshoot.

Just before the end of the first period, we went for a group shot in the stairs, but lost a few members who were being held hostage by guests. Once the Intermission started, we headed upstairs near the gift shop for photos with guests. A couple of police officers came by and wanted shots taken with Boba Fett, our Scouts and Vader.

As the crowds went back into the game, we noticed that the score was 2 – 0 for Florida and we decided to call it.

We headed back down to the change room and hung out for a bit. The Sens offered up some commemorative pucks for us for purchase.

After the troop I drove Rob Peters home. Love that guy!


Boston Pizza Fundraiser with Tysen

So Tysen, a great kid with a great mission, that we’ve been helping out had a dinner today to help raise more money for his mission to a million.

The gang showed up and hung out outside and walked around the Kanata Boston Pizza.

After the troop, we were invited to have dinner there.

ComicCon is over :(

All this work and the con went by in the blink of an eye.

We had a team show up on Thursday afternoon, and as expected it took little to no time to assemble.

Set up

Set up




Dirty Scum

I wanted to have Dianoga, or as he’s been affectionately named Blinky in a toilet… the toilet build failed, so we decided to turn him into a piss pot monster 🙂



Here is a view of the Tatooine set. I have to say it came out way nicer than I expected and people loved it. As big as it was, it felt smaller on the con floor. Rob M brought a menagerie of aliens to help decorate, as well as several R2 builders brought their droids. People seemed to love the more practical set over the backdrops we used in the past.



And here’s a view of the whole set area.


The Legion Experience


It was A LOT of work, it was stressful, I got tired and frustrated, but over all it was fun. I can’t wait for next year. Hopefully I’ll be able to take things in and enjoy more of what the con has to offer.