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R2 Has Begun

Logic Displays


So I can now say that work as officially begun on my little stubborn droid.
Bought a bunch of soldering things (new iron, tips, rosin core solder, de-soldering mesh, helping hands) and then got scared….

What if I mess this up? UNGH! I haven’t soldered in forever.

Grab a spare PCB and some resistors and start. First two joints… perfect, looks like right off a factory floor. Then next seven are a different story…

First I burnt myself a few times, then I had the smoke from the flux boiling almost trigger the smoke detector. Oh! Did I mention that the boiling flux core can cause the solder to spit and hit you in the face??? Oh… guess I didn’t… well it can! Then I looked at all these practice runs and they were horrible… solder not making a connections or not sticking at all.

Back to more practicing!

I finally got to the point where I was ALMOST confident enough so I bit the proverbial bullet and went at it.
Bellow is the FLD or Front Logic Display. If you look at R2′s dome, in the front, there’s 2 small rectangular light boxes that blink in White and Blue. This board is almost done, and then I need to start soldering all the little LEDs on it…

Front Logic Display PCB


Bellow is the Rear Logic Display, the big light in the back of R2′s dome that blinks red, green and yellow lights. This is also where the Arduino board (the computer that runs the logic for all these lights sits)

Rear Logic Display PCB

Unfortunately though, the two rows of Female Pin Headers (where the Arduino sits) came in one big strip… and each time I tried to cut them.. I’d expose the internal pins. I started freaking out.. then realized, worse comes to worse I can just get some of those at some Radio Shack type store. But after talking to joymonkey who sold me this kit, as long as the pins are soldered on, and the Arduino sits in it properly it should be fine. If I’m really worried about it, I can use some electrical tape. You can see the broken pin headers in the following pic.

Broken Pin Headers

So now onto more soldering and TONS and TONS of LEDs…