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The aluminum obsession continues

Aluminum PSI Housing kit


Got home today to an other package. I was so excited. I quickly opened it to find the aluminum PSI housing kit. Ok, I know 99% of you just went Huh?

If you look at this picture








You will notice that there’s a blue rectangle with a grayish circle under the black lens. That is what’s called a PSI (Process State Indicator). Which is essentially, a bunch of lights that change colors. Well in order to hold these in place, one of the club members created this aluminum PSI housing kit. It’s an aluminum housing that holds the project board that has all the LEDs on it, then there’s a rubber defuser, to blend the light, then a honeycomb filter, to give it the texture you can sometimes see in the movies, a rubber gasket and then a rubber cover to hold it all together.

Only problem… I soldered some of the LEDs wrong. I left a gap between the LED and the board, and this was designed to have the LEDs flush against the board… guess I have to get an other PCB made… or try it without the defuser…

More Pieces

Slipring Connection Boards

More pieces have arrived! Having just paid for some of the most expensive parts, the dome, the frame and the lighting kit… I had to settle with something smaller, but still crucial.

The two electrical boards you’re seeing at the top there, are connectors for the slipring.
Basically, one will be inside the body, connecting to the power distribution board that is hooked up to the batteries. It then connects to the slipring, a two part cable that can spin without getting tangled up and goes into the head to connect to the other board, that then feeds power to all the electronics in the head.

Above those boards, you’ve probably noticed the odd looking piece of aluminum. That’s a hinge, i bought a few. These will be welded into the dome and will allow the pie pieces on R2’s head to open and close.