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And there was light!

So since the frame is completed, and the logic surrounds are here and well… the dome should be here in November. I figured I’d continue working on the lighting. Wow! What a pain… I swear it took hours to place all the LEDs on the board… but they worked!
It’s basically like a really hard and annoying Lite Bright… Guess I felt like I missed out, not having one as a kid.

Anyway… Here’s a little video demonstrating this.

Couldn’t wait anymore!

Alright… I might be patient… but enough is enough… I assembled the frame today.
How couldn’t I? It was just sitting there.

Yes… I’m actually reading the instructions… For the most part it was straight forward… found one thing that wasn’t documented as well as it should and the photo was reversed.










Everyone wants to play


It looked like so much fun, Ange wanted to take part.
She was a great help, and it was nice to see her genuinely excited about this. 🙂









Completed Frame


The completed Frame!

Holy Crap! The Frame!

Com-8b Frame


So I got home last night and Ange was sitting at the table with a delivery note from Canada Post! The frame is finally here!!! But I had to wait till Friday to be able to pick it up.

So tonight after dinner (i was patient), Ange and I headed to the post office to pick it up…
It’s sooo cool (and heavy)

Com8b frame arrives


Here I am, opening it… can’t tell I’m happy eh?








Big Shoulder Hub


Here I am holding the shoulder hub… this is what will attach the legs (when I get them) to the body… way bigger than I expected.

All the frame parts





And here are all the parts laid out… can’t wait to assemble it!

I swear this is SW and not Geordi’s visor!

Logic Surrounds


Yay! More shiny aluminum!
This time, it’s the logic surrounds.

These little beauties go around the LED boards that fit in the dome. It’s to both be able to attach them and to give them a nice border.

Which reminds me… I need to get back to soldering… ungh!