Monthly Archives: January 2013


The day I’ve been waiting for since April. The dome finally arrived!

The dome, which cost me a little over 500$ to have made and laser cut arrived in Ottawa Tuesday January 8th… however Canada Post held it hostage and demanded I pay a ransom of 74$ to get it.

So yesterday after a very long day at work, I headed to the post office and paid the ransom and brought it home.

Daren really outdid himself both in packaging and in the sheer quality of the dome.

As you can see in the unboxing video, After cutting the tape on the box and folding over the flaps, I see a second box. I open it, only to find a third box, open it and see tons of packing paper, after removing that, there was bubble wrap.

Then… the magnificent shiny dome.








Here I am dry fitting it on the frame


























And here’s a video of the unboxing