Monthly Archives: April 2013

Rebel Pilot Helmet ALMOST Done

Well the helmet is almost done. It was originally based on Luke’s Red 5, then I screwed up the sliced onion logos on the ear pieces and started changing it a bit.

Here’s a few pics of it. HelmetFront



















All that’s left is to add padding and the chin strap

Must Get!

So I was surfing Robot Shop a few minutes ago and saw this.











It’s basically an Arduino shield that has screw terms for all the pins. Instead of taping them, or hoping they don’t fall out, I can screw in all the wires.

Not bad for 8$. Wonder if ActiveTech has them?

Rebel Legion / 501st Uniforms Updates

Since there hasn’t been that many R2 updates lately, figured I’d post about my Rebel Legion and 501st uniforms.

So with wanting to make both Rebel Legion and 501st Uniforms and with an R2, I took a look at how to save some costs to begin with and the Rebel Pilot and Tie Pilot uniforms have parts that overlap.







First up is the Helmet for my Rebel Pilot with the Chest Box









Next, I started working on the belt… this is webbing and a rollpin buckle. Unfortunately, the buckle I had was anodized gold, so I had to sand it down…






I then got a tip from a local member to look for gloves in Gatineau at a store called Cuir Multi Leather. Again, these gloves need a bit of a modification as the come with a strap. The description for the Rebel Pilot doesn’t say anything about straps, but the same type of gloves are also used by the Tie Pilots, and they specify no straps or buttons.







Lastly, I received the boots today. These are authentic German Jack Boots… the interesting thing about these, is that they came with medals and decorations from it’s original owner. They’re filthy and used up, which is cool… but think I’ll start to polish them this weekend.