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This is what the skins look like when you get them… there’s 2 layers for the front and 2 for the back… all laser cut, so there’s quite a bit of JB Welding to do and adding servos and hinges for the doors.
(These are not MY skins, just an example)

But!!! Mine are ordered!!! Never thought the day would come. Mainly cause I was terrified of ordering. Basically how runs work usually is.
  • Guy makes part.
  • Guy makes sure part fits with club specs
  • Guy shows part to council
  • Council approves run
  • Guy posts run
  • Guy takes payments
  • Guy tells buyer part is shipped
  • Buyer gets part
 Well this guy started making the skins before the forums existed. So he only ran off the yahoo group. You’d blindly send him money and at SOME point, skins arrived on your doorstep. No communications at all.
Well someone found him and called him and found out that not only is he doing an other run, but he has 50 waiting for a good home. So I jumped in. No comm… but I’m hopeful they show up soon.

More shiny surprises!

Talk about a month full of new toys, first the shims, now this.




These are ankle details. They fit on the front and backs of the ankles and the stubby part at the bottom is painted blue. I’m quite impresses with this run. Typically they were solid one piece parts. This new run are lighter, since they’re hollow. The bottom part, the one that I paint blue, is also removable to make the painting easier. No masking!




Here’s what they look like installed.DetailsInstalled


Shimmy shims

Nice surprise when I got home. The shoulder shims arrived. These go between the legs and the shoulder. Now once Dave finishes the legs these can go on



I had gotten these mainly because I’ve never seen a run of these, let alone in any other material. I’m planning on having wooden legs to start and resin shoulders. These should look nice in the middle.


Such a nice day out today. While working on some yard work, I decided to prime the Radar Eye and the HoloProjectors.












Once the primer was on, gave it a coat of Silver paint. Not too bad. Eventually when an aluminum run of these parts are available again, I’m going to get them… but these are good temps 🙂