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Skin Update


And I have no time to admire them, thanks to the *$^#($ deck.

Anyway. I picked them up at the postoffice after work. They’re way lighter than I imagined. But SOOO nice.











I am worried about starting anything but the panels on them till I get the missing parts for it like the Ports, Power Couplers and various vents. I’ll probably order the resin versions for now.

Also, mental note (guess not so mental if I write it down). Go to Ottawa Fasteners and get the hinges needed for the panels.

Ankle Away!

Yay the center ankle was just shipped! Next on the list? Foot drives with motors! R2 will be moving around by the end of September!

And I think I found some… that are affordable.

These units are custom built using heavy 12g steel welded at 12 points.

They’re low profile so it won’t look like R2 is floating.
Nice thick rubber wheel.
Motor mounts are 12″L x 3″W x 4 1/4″H Weight 8Lbs each. And motors come with it!


The last set I was looking at, cost more, and I had to get everything from the wheels, chain to the motors separately.

And here’s what they look like.











Centre Ankle Paid for

R2’s center ankle is ordered and on it’s way! This was thanks to my mom… she kinda lit the fire under my ass about this, considering how infrequently runs for centre ankles occur.

So for those who remember my post about the regular ankles. This is what the centre ankle looks like. It’s pretty much like the others, but centred and there’s just one.



Now, the only big pieces that are left (that aren’t store bought) are the skirt and the foot drives… all the rest is either small detail work, or electronics. Pretty cool. Need to thank my mom for helping make sure I don’t miss this part run.


Look! Look!

Dave has FINALLY started work on the legs. So these are made from multiple layers of plywood to add strength and the center channel where the cables going from the foot drives to the body are hidden.




You can see in the pic, he’s laid down the shoulder shim, and ankle shims next to them… Looking good! Now I just need a center ankle and foot shells… and foot drives… and…