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Screw you R2 :)

Went to Ottawa Fasteners  this weekend to pick up some screws for R2 and some nuts.

The screws I got are for attaching the center Ankle to the frame’s ankle plate and for attaching the skin blocks to the frame.

The skin blocks are little pieces of machined metal that screw into the frame using 10-24 screws and then there’s tiny little screws in them that the skins attach to.

Coin Slot work



Well with the skins here, I’m kinda looking forward to working on them so I decided to start work on the coin slots. Since I seem to always miss the aluminum run of these, I had bought the resin one a while back. It’s not great but it’ll do for now. My main problem with it, was that the slots for solid. Completely full… So I took the drill to it and started making some holes in them in order to dremmel them clean.





Oh boy! If you’ve ever worked with resin pieces before… you know the mess it can make.

When I worked on the radar eye, I was smart enough to have the vacuum next to me as I worked so that it would suck up the dust as I went. This time… Ange had the vacuum downstairs as she was gearing up for her Girls’ Night… Need to clean this up when I get a chance. I also need to finish what I started here… the drill ran out of juice, so I’m charging it right now. I’ll post more pics to this post when done.

Center Ankle

CenterAnkleThe center ankle arrived today!

During my lunch hour I decided to go make sure the deck guys were actually here and working and while dropping by, I had noticed that the ankle arrived.

Yup, that’s an ankle! It looks alot like the other side ankles… but centered.

I love JAG parts. The metal is textured so the primer will stay on it. The welding joints are nice, the different pieces of metal and grinded so that you can’t tell at all that they are separate.

The only thing is that the ankle doesn’t come with the hardware. I need to get some screws to attach it to the plate in the frame. I need a round spacer to fit in, where it attaches to the currently non-existant foot shell.



The actual list of hardware is as follows (so I don’t forget):

  • Quantity 2, Hex Socket Head Shoulder Screws, 1/4-20 Thread, 5/16″ diameter shoulder x 1/4″ long. McMaster Carr P/N 90298A574.
  • Quantity 2, Flat Washers, 5/8″ Outside Diamate, 11/32″ Inside Diameter, 3/32″ thick. McMaster Carr P/N 98370A015.
  • Quantity 1, Bronze Bushing, 3/4″ Outside Diameter, 1/2″ Inside Diameter, 1″ Long. McMaster Carr P/N 6391K225.
  • Quantity 1, Aluminum Round Spacer, Female Thread 1/4″-20, 1/2″ Outside Diameter, 1″ Long. Grainger P/N 5GHT5.