Monthly Archives: December 2014

New parts arrived and on their way


ISo with all the issues I’ve had getting some of the main components for R2 and well.. just wanting him up and running. I had ordered plastic parts.

They arrived in early November (as seen on my R2 facebook page)

Plastic and 3d printed parts

Plastic and 3d printed parts

This includes the following:

  • Legs
  • Skirt
  • Battery Boxes
  • Center Foot
  • Outer Feet
  • Foot Drives

I need to remove them from the sheets, and glue them with an Acrylic Solvent… this is going to be like assembling a giant 3d puzzle!

I’ve also been working on the MarcDuino boards and failing miserably… I can’t seem to reach the ATMega chip when trying to program it. After trying everything I could… I finally gave up and jumped on a run of the version 2 of these boards. They’re pre-soldered and will have room for future improvements. They also can have the Wifly and power boards clip right into them.

Next, I saw that there was some of the Magic Panels available, so I jumped on that.

I also got motors for the feet, chains, cogs, an amp for the sound and finally found the LEDs I’ve been missing for the Data Port.