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Testing the wookiee

More work on the wookiee.

I’ve been spending most of my waking moments (minus those stuck at work) latching

I was testing the shirt to see how the grey looked

Testing the shirt (front)

Testing the shirt (front)

Testing the shirt (back)

Testing the shirt (back)

Once I got an idea, I continued latching the sleeves. At that point, I wanted to see what the whole thing looked like on me.

This is missing the hockey pants and shoulder pads to bulk up the suit. The pants should prevent the legs from caving in.

Test Run

Test Run

Last night, I started punching the hair into the face. I loop up a few strands of hair around the punching needle, a long steel needle with a barbed tip, and then punch it through the latex mask. The barbs hold on to the hair and push it through.

First Punch

First Punch

First Punch

First Punch

End of first night of punching

End of first night of punching

By the end of the night, my eyes were burning so much from starring at my monitor all day that I had to stop.


Star Wars Night at the Ottawa Senators

What an fun night.

We were invited to the Ottawa Senators game vs Florida for their Star Wars night.

The gang showed up and we trooped in the lobby, wandered outside before the game. During the first period, a few members were brought in to the game so that the camera could pan on it.

Mark, one of our Stormtroopers was also asked to put on a jersey for an official NHL photoshoot.

Just before the end of the first period, we went for a group shot in the stairs, but lost a few members who were being held hostage by guests. Once the Intermission started, we headed upstairs near the gift shop for photos with guests. A couple of police officers came by and wanted shots taken with Boba Fett, our Scouts and Vader.

As the crowds went back into the game, we noticed that the score was 2 – 0 for Florida and we decided to call it.

We headed back down to the change room and hung out for a bit. The Sens offered up some commemorative pucks for us for purchase.

After the troop I drove Rob Peters home. Love that guy!


The work (wook?) progresses

Lots more work over the weekend. Before continuing this entry I just have to re-iterate how lucky I am to have @talzalina as my wife. This past weekend was our wedding anniversary and what did she want to do? She wanted to continue the work on the wookiees :)

All right

So doing some work on the pants at Luc’s this past weekend. I had to put the pants on to see where the grey would go… no, no one cut my legs :).


Shot Wookiee

Here’s with the shirt on… you can see the blending works.

Testing the blending of the shirt and pants

Then on Sunday, Ange gave up on the sleeves and went back to working on the back

Ange latching on our Anniversary

During this time I was working on the grey on the legs.

Adding grey

After an evening of more bad TV I finished the pants

Front of Pants

Back of Pants

Ange being silly


I’ve also picked up a skateboarding helmet that we’ll cut in half and attach to the skull. This will prevent the face from sliding like Luc experienced in his first Wookiee build. I also bought some hockey pants to fill in the legs a bit more.

Now excuse me while I go back to latching!


So much hair!

Well this weekend we started latching the hair. I remember when Luc had his first wookiee suit, each time we’d go over to his place I’d always come back with wookiee hair… well making a wookiee… now there’s hair EVERYWHERE!

To work with the hair, we’d first had to stretch it. We take it out of the pack, step on one side and then pull on it really hard as we use a hair dryer on hot over the hair.

Once that’s done, we’d cut it in 3. Then you rake it. We built these rake stations in order to get any knots out. The dogs found this part kinda funny.

The Rake

The Rake

Once ready, it’s latching time… of course, this was a group effort 🙂


Latching Party

Luc teaching Ange

Luc teaching Ange

With the first day coming in close to 11 hours of latching. This is how far I got…

Chris' Day 1 progress

Chris’ Day 1 progress

And this was Ange’s progress

Ange's day 1 progress

Ange’s day 1 progress

Can’t say that’s too bad at all 🙂 especially for first timers 🙂

With an other few hours of latching on Sunday, I managed to do the full front side of on leg and half of the other side.

Weekend Progress

Weekend Progress

Now, by the end of the weekend, my arm was killing me. It’s surprises me every time how repetitive motions that you’re not used to can hurt so much after a while.

Now I’ll be continuing this every day until we’re done 🙂

Wookiee Building is a Go

This has been something of a work in progress… we had started getting materials and working on the stilts slowly while waiting for our hair to arrive.

Now that we’ve officially started and the clock is on… here’s where we are.


Once we got home with the mesh, we got the girls cutting it to make the mesh shirts.

Girls working on the mesh

Girls working on the mesh

Luc then tried to get his head through the shirt as we were making it.

Luc trying on the shirt

Luc trying on the shirt

Sewing mesh is interesting. I managed to actually break a few needles… on mesh?!? Well the thread we were using was made for upholstery… it’s thicker and would snag and break.



In order to make the toes match up better and to give us more stability while walking on the stilts, we built some plywood bases.

You’ll also notice the aluminum L braces at the front of the stilts. These are part of a bigger system in order to prevent the legs from caving in.

Feet Work

Feet Work

Speaking of padding, we then added upholstery foam around the base of the stilts to fill them out. These will eventually be completely taped up and covered with a wookiee leg warmer 🙂

Foot Padding

Foot Padding

Now that we knew the width of the foot, I got working on the mesh pants.

Are these pants to big?

Are these pants to big?

Test driving my new legs. I find it surprising how comfortable I actually am on the stilts. I would go running in them (yet) but walking around, standing still and even hunching down is pretty easy. Right now I need to practice turning as that’s the one area I’m having a bit of difficulty judging how wide the foot base is.

Testing out my new legs

Testing out my new legs

Watch out for that tree

Well I bit the bullet. I ended up getting a nice bonus at work and decided to start a biker scout costume.


After a lot of research, I decided to go with a one make and was able to get the Helmet, Armor, Blaster and the cumberun.

I then found someone else who makes the gloves.

Now I need to make a vest, and get a flightsuit for it.


The gloves arrived.



Biker Gloves


Boston Pizza Fundraiser with Tysen

So Tysen, a great kid with a great mission, that we’ve been helping out had a dinner today to help raise more money for his mission to a million.

The gang showed up and hung out outside and walked around the Kanata Boston Pizza.

After the troop, we were invited to have dinner there.