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Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

I dub this year Star Wars year.

We get a new animated series from Dave Filoni, named Rebels which is one of my favorite things on TV in a while.
We get a new movie.
Our garrison celebrates it’s 5th anniversary.
We get a Celebration in Anaheim.

And I actually got to go to said convention.

It was my first and I had heard marvelous things from everyone that had been in the past.

I got some exclusives, an autograph from Kenny Baker, the actor in R2D2, some new artwork. I got to meet tons of people and reunite with friends that I hadn’t seen in a while.
I met and spoke with Albin, the founder of the 501st.
Got some patch and coin trading in.

So here are a few pics from the trip.

Scout is here

Biker Scout
Growing up, watching SW over and over again, my dad and I used to LOVE watching the speederbikes and scouts.
After hearing Luc go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and… you get the picture, about scouts… I took the plunge and I ordered parts!
Well it all arrived today!
Face plate

Face plate



Now the plan is to get this done in record time. I might have to take a few liberties to get it out to Celebration and then tweek a few things when I get back.