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Wow! I’ve been busy with all sorts of hobbies lately and have been neglecting this blog. This doesn’t mean R2 has been forgotten… far from it actually.

I’ve even enlisted help from friends who’ve been interested in the process.

First up, I got a chance to buy the periscope for R2’s dome. The periscope itself is made of resin, however the gentleman Ibought it from as quite savvy in metal work and has rebuilt some of it in aluminum.






As you can see it’s hollow, and will contain a lighting kit that I have yet to order (Xmas time and vacations kinda cut into the funding for R2.) However there is a great lighting kit that flashes based on some patterns and it will be able to raise out of the dome and possibly turn left and right.




Next up is the Large Data Port aka. LDP, this is the big blue rectangular opening seen between the utility arms and the dome. Made out of aluminum. It still needs to be primed and painted (but I’m not going to do that till the spring when it’s warmer out)






It simply screws into the frame using allen screws.





As mentioned, I enlisted my friend Dave, who’s been wanting to help out with R2 assemble the aluminum center vents. The vents came in a bunch of little parts as well as the surround (wish I would of taken pics of it before the assembly). Needless to say, it was a PAIN to assemble and to even just fit. Dave painstakingly sanded and assembled for me.

Center Vents











Finally, last night I got home to a package in the mail box. I opened it all excited since I’d been waiting for it for a while now. Inside the package was the gorgeous Dome Bumps and Control system.
Dome Bump Controller







This system fits in behind the two dome bumps on R2’s head. By pressing them in specific orders I can control different systems on R2, like turning him on and off, killing power to the foot motors, or initiating different lighting patterns. This should be good in order to make him look a bit more autonomous. The controller itself was made by Rotopod in the astromech club and the buttons themselves were made out of aluminum by Commando8, the same guy that made the frame I’m using.

This is extremely exciting as the dome, which was the first R2 part I ordered back in May, is finally supposed to ship today after several delays.

As for superficial parts for R2’s dome and body, the list of missing parts is quickly diminishing.

For the dome, I’m missing:

  • the Dome Topper, which is basically a washer.
  • The Hollow Projectors, the three light emitting protrusions on the dome. I could order these now, and have resin versions… however it is a part that sticks out and kids could grab hold of, so I’d rather get them out of aluminum. Problem is, if I go resin, I can’t change them after since the fit in between the inner and outer domes.
  • The Pocket and side vents for the frame (gonna get resin, but the aluminum ones have a cool system to attach them)
  • The Skirt, going to be getting a fiberglass one… no rush on this since it’s a constant run
  • And the Skin… 300$ for the aluminum version and takes up to about 3 months to get them.

So that’s not too bad… then it’s the expensive parts… legs, foot shells, foot drives…


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