The Dome has FINALLY shipped

What a long process.

Back in May when I first stumbled across the Astromech Builders Club, I saw a run open for a 300mm aluminum dome. I figured, what better way to start than with the dome? That way, if at least I finish the dome and quit before getting anything else, at least people will know it’s R2.

The dome was supposed to ship in June.

After countless delays, it’s FINALLY shipped!

Since then I’ve gotten multiple other parts and have what looks like a r2 themed trash can… but now the dome is on it’s way!

I can’t wait to get it… though with the amount of sanding, grinding, polishing I’ll need to do with it… I may not get to work on it till the spring. But at least it’s on it’s way 🙂


Here’s a pick of Daren’s place as he’s packaging up all the domes and getting them ready for shipping


Dome Factory


And for those curious as to how a dome is made. Here’s a little video.


Dome Spinning

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