More parts!

More parts arrived today… some of these will hopefully be cause for a new video in the next little bit.














First up are the servos. This is 4 Hitec HS-55 servos for the dome. They’ll be in charge of opening the pie panels. I’m always amazed at how small the servos are. These will attach to the JAG hinges I have, I’m just not sure how yet. Most people either use servo savers or springs.






PS2 ControllerThis is the PS2 controller I’ll be using to make R2 move, and talk. There’s two different ON/OFF switches on it, so I can turn it on, without the rumble feature. This is great, considering the damn thing takes 4 AAA batteries. 😛










This is a standard PS2 Wireless receiver. However, Lynxmotion provides a board that hooks right into it that has pin outs for DAT, CMD, ATT, CLK, 5v, GND. The range on this is pretty good, it’s supposed to be roughly 10 meters indoors and longer outside.







This is the Dome Topper. Basically, the dome has a hole on the top, This part fits in from the inside and then the washer goes on top surrounded by the round pie piece. It seems like such a trivial part, but still excited, non the less.







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