You spin me right round

After two days of fighting with the code, of wiring and re-wiring I finally got it working!

So this is how this is setup.

  • I have a 12V battery which goes to the input on the DanS Power Distribution board.
  • This goes out to the B+ and B- on the Syren 10 Speed Controller
  • I then have M1 and M2 go to the Pittman Motor.
  • I then hooked up S1 to pin 5 on the Body’s Arduino Uno and 0V to one of the GND pins

So now when I move the left stick Right or Left, the motor turns in that direction, which causes the Lee Valley lazy suzan to turn, which moves the dome.

Some other cool additions to this latest version of the Padawan code (1.8) is that it will cause R2 to randomly speak and move the front Holoprojector on his own.

This is REALLY awesome.

Next up, I’ll be outlining the holes in the domes to get ready to cut it.

I’ll also need to solder up the slip ring to the DB25. Fun part about that is how tiny the slip ring’s wires are, and I have to solder one side while it’s on the from, or I would be able to get it back on…

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