My Head is Ringing

Well, I gotta say, I’ve gotten a lot of work done in the last few days.

First off. Mess up #1. I installed the inner plastic ring in the inner dome before being ready. So as posted earlier, I has frozen the ring to get it to fit, but I had also added tape to make it wider. Well… I now can’t remove it… well, not without using a runner mallet. So when I went to drill the holes for the angle ring, it proved to be harder than needed. I did get it on mostly straight.

Then mess up #2, I attached it to the lazy suzan. This doesn’t sound so bad, except the holes for the long machine screws were JUST the right size. If I tried to remove the dome and wasn’t perfectly straight… one screw would get stuck and that’s it, it bends and I’m stuck. Much blood spillage later, I got it off and widened the holes.

Mess up #3, with the dome attached, I put on the ring and outer dome… CRAP! There’s still WAY too much dome showing between the ring and angle ring. Aligne everything, draw a new line, remove everything, pull out the tin snips…

Ok… am I good? Well everything looks aligned. So I outline all (oh wait mess up #4) the panels I’m going to cut out… though I forgot one!

Nice, now I have all the lines. Time for the drill.



So I drilled hole as close to each other within the outline. Once they’re all drilled, I used some metal cutters to cut the tabs between them.






Big Hole


Now I can remove the piece and I have a very jagged hole.







I decided to grab a curved file and started to file the jagged edges. The noise this made was worse than nails on a chalkboard and the vibrations it caused was insane… Later on, I’ll need to finish smoothing it out. But since the file does too much too quickly, I’ll wrap some sandpaper around a wine bottle and use that.









Here’s a dry fit of the HP in that hole. As you can see, there’s still tons of sanding needed as it still doesn’t fit all the way through. Still…. it’s starting to look really cool.








After coming home from dinner, I decided to cut one last hole for the night. This time of of the front lights. So cool to actually see parts being installed.





Alright, all this dome work is cool, but what else is new? Well I soldered on all the wires on one side of the slip ring… this was time consuming, but doing the other side will be probably the most patience testing piece of working on R2. I have 24? small wires to solder in the right place, while the slipring is ON R2… the worst part is testing EACH wire with the multimeter for continuity. Kinda wish I had one that beeped 🙁

I also went to the Fastener store at Dave’s recommendation and got some screws, a tap and die set and some other fiddly bits I needed.

So what’s on the list for tomorrow? Hopefully a few more holes and pick up some of the paints maybe.

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