No I’m not colour blind

Rust-oleum Metallic Purple


So, with more parts due to come, including parts that will require painting, I started looking for the colours I need in order to paint my little droid.

There’s actually a paint formula that Don Bies had shared with the club on R2’s actual colour. This has been name Hypothetical blue. I’d rather go with spray cans instead of mixing these colours and getting a spray gun or trying this with my airbrush… so there’s an other cheap and good approximation of Hypo Blue using readily available spray cans…

First, you prime the little guy. Once that’s done, You apply Rustoleum Deep Purple Metallic, which I found at Home Depot. Then, you apply Duplicolor Metalcast’s Anodized Blue and finally you coat him with Rustoleum Crystal Clear.

Like I said I managed to find the purple… but I don’t want a sexually frustrated droid (purple depicts sexual frustration in colour psychology) so I need to find the Anodized Blue. Canadian Tire, Wallmart, Home Depot were all bust… so I’ll continue searching

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