My First FanExpo!

I know I know… but every year, we tend to go on vacation during that week… be it Vegas or the Mediterranean… we never seem to be around for it. Well Luc and I decided at the last minute to do a day trip.

We left my place at 5:30 in the morning. Reached Toronto by 9:30 or so. We did really good time, mainly because there was almost no traffic.

Met up with Roy to get our passes and walked to the change room. Loved that it was out of the way, and separate from the booth. Once we walked in, there was several droids charging. Jordan had a corner set up for applying his makeup.

After dropping off our stuff, we went to see the booth. It was beautiful. Split into 4 sections, all self sufficient. The first, was the info booth, set up like the surveillance room from Star Wars, with touch terminals that had info on the CRLs and stuff.

Next section, was the hall from the Tantive… BEAUTIFUL and so simply made.

Around the corner from there… Endor! Ken’s speederbike was set up for pay photo ops (this is where Luc and I had our shift)

Continue on and you’re in the throne room of the death star.

After saying hi to everyone, we walked around the con. I have to say… personally I was a bit underwhelmed. Everyone always talks up Fan Expo. But it was just more booths with more junk. Don’t get me wrong. Some booths, like the Lego booth, the WB, Microsoft, Sony, etc were awesome. But sooo many tables with crap I wouldn’t buy…

We then noticed the time and ran to the food court to get a bite before our shift. Once we ate, it was time to change… so we had to go back to the main building and change.

We made it just in time to our shift, but the section of the booth we were working was shutdown because Rick Mercer was there.

Once the shift was done, we got changed and headed to some of the bigger vendor booths. I got Watchdogs for 5$, a few of the new black series figures (Chewie and BB-8). We got our pic taken at the Disney Infinity booth and won T-shirts.

After a bit more shopping, we headed back to O-town. Left Toronto around 7 and made it home by 11:30.

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