How I Like To Spend My Saturday Evenings

Make A Wish Gala Wish Reveal

Make A Wish Gala Wish Reveal


Some people like to spend their Saturday evening watching a movie, or simply hanging out with friends. Others like to watch TV or go out for drinks.
I like all those things, however what I really love is how I got to spend this past Saturday night.

As part of the 501st/Rebel Legion/Mando Mercs/Astromech Builders I get to do some pretty cool things. I build costumes, props and droids that bring smiles to kids and grownups alike. But on occasion we get to do stuff that’s even more meaningful. We get to help Make A Wish grant wishes.

This past Saturday hit closer to home than usual. One of our handler’s son was getting his wish granted and Make A Wish contacted us to be there for the reveal at their annual Gala. Now, her son is a huge Chewbacca fan. Every event we do together, he freaks out over Chewie and is always wearing a chewie hoodie.

Make A Wish had asked us to keep this a surprise. So we made sure she didn’t know that we would be heading there.

We arrived and didn’t want to be seen, so we hid in a hallway. The coordinator arrived and escorted us to the changing room. Once suited up, we went back out, just outside of the hall and waited for our queue. People walking by would see the troopers and Vader and freak out, then they’d notice the 8′ tall wookiee and their jaws would drop.

Then the Star Wars theme started to play and we marched in. We had a Tie pilot and gunner, followed by two Jawas, then Vader with 2 troopers and lastly Chewie and Han. The look on our friend’s face was priceless.

We walked up to them and the MC got the crowd to yell out that the wish was being granted and that they’d be going on a Disney Star Wars themed cruise. You could feel the magic in the air.

Once we were done there, we walked out to the hallway and posed for pictures for over an hour. CTV News and the Italian News recorded us.

Such a great night. I love what we do.

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