No printing :(

Well after printing BB-8’s holoprojector, I came home the next day at lunch and was going to show my wife how the printer works. However, I couldn’t power it on.

I tried multiple outlets, a new power cord. Nothing was working.

I then grabbed my multimeter and confirmed that power was coming into the power supply, but nothing was going out. There’s also a little LED on the power supply and it wasn’t turning on.

I contacted the vendor and they are sending me a new power supply. This in mind, I decided to open the power supply up and take a look.

Burnt PSU

Burnt PSU

As you can see, the thermistor is fried. It almost looks like due to it’s placement on the board, being so close to the fuse… that the fuse might of arc’d and caused the problem.

Now it’s a waiting game… which sucks cause it took several weeks to get the unit in the first place…

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