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Such a nice day out today. While working on some yard work, I decided to prime the Radar Eye and the HoloProjectors.












Once the primer was on, gave it a coat of Silver paint. Not too bad. Eventually when an aluminum run of these parts are available again, I’m going to get them… but these are good temps 🙂

I can see you!

Look what arrived today!

HPsThese are the multipart resin Holoprojectors I got from Calvin and Hob… Brenda 🙂

It’s really nice that they’re multipart. This way, I don’t have do mask anything before painting them, and there’s the removable cap in the back so if I ever change the type of lighting for them, I can easily do it. Right now, it’s just an L.E.D. connected to a jumper cable, that in turn connects to they PSI boards. I will have to drill a small hole in the cap, to attach the gorgeous mounting servo system that should hopefully start shipping soon.

After this part having arrived, and the servo mounts already bought the ONLY things that attach to the dome in some way that I’m missing are, the cabochons, that go in these, the magic panel if I get to jump on that awesome run and the life scanner. (Yes Dave, and the dome plate). Other than that I now have EVERYTHING for the dome! Oh! I’m also missing a few sets of Blade Flybar Paddle Control Frame. Unfortunately, when I went to Great Hobbies on Saturday, they only had one set. These will be used for the hinges.


For those interested in what I’m doing for the hinges, here’s a list of parts:

  • BLH1624 – Flybar Paddle Control Frame Set B450
  • DUB137 – Dura Collars – 1/16″ (4)
  • BLH1637 – Ball Link Set (20) B450 B400
  • BLH1638 – Linkage Rod/Pushrod Set B450
  • Hitec HS-55 Servos
  • JAG Hinges

Once I start working on these I’ll post pics and instructions. In the mean time, enjoy this pic of a dry fitting of a Holoprojector in the dome!

HP in Dome

What next?

As mentioned in a previous post, the company I work with has a profit sharing program and this year’s was particularly good 🙂 SO it means some more parts.

I’m definitely getting some Holoprojectors, especially with BobC’s new HP housing, I can now install it in the dome and eventually replace the HPs with aluminum ones.

HPThe ones I’m getting are the ones pictured to the right. I like them, because compared to other resin ones, the nosle is replaceable and there’s actually a back cap.






After this, I’m going to have to wait I think and just save up the cash. My main goal right now is to get the parts I’m missing to have R2 stand on his own. Which means, legs and a centre ankle. There aren’t any runs on these parts yet, but JAG, the guy who made the outer ankles has mentioned that he’s probably going to do centre ankles next.

I might finally go pick up the battery as well… who knows.

The  other thing I’m tempted to spend on, which, go figure is also Star Wars related is finally to start my costume to join the Rebel Legion (the good guy version of the 501st). I’ve been wanting to join for a while, and have been going back and forth as to what to make. I started with an X-Wing pilot, since I’m building R2, then went to a Tie Fighter pilot (cause I LOVE the helmet), then to the Emperor (which I will also do) and back to the X-wing pilot. I have a quote in for the chest box and the materials to make my helmet. The fun thing is, Ange is also thinking of making herself an X-wing pilot costume, so she can join to 🙂





I’m thinking she should do Jaina Solo 🙂